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Geometric Deer

Acrylic paint and Watercolour on raw stretched canvas. 24×24″ $200

For Adam. The raw canvas gives a more earthy rustic feel, acrylic outlines, and watercolour fill. There’s a lot of depth and subtle colours to this piece that the camera just doesn’t give justice to. I created the design digitally, then transferred to canvas. I could recreate this piece with a different colour scheme if interested in something more customized to your home.


Latex paint and Modeling paste on canvas board. 14″x12″ $100

Debated long and hard for which way is up and this as my favourite, but it truly works in any direction. The top half has modeling paste with texture like plaster and the black has drip depth to it (not just flat). The bottom half is more smooth with only the paint brush and canvas board texture.


This is about an individuals impact on the world versus intention. Often they don’t translate as we hoped, but we do have an impact. It’s a bit like swimming underwater sometimes, but we grow. A bit of an experiment in textures and the canvas board is very warped.